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Casting since 1873


Our casting technology consulting begins in the early stages of your product development. The goal is to optimise costs and reduce lead times. Our experienced foundry experts will help you with the selection of the alloy and the casting process, taking into account the technical and commercial requirements.

We work with Magma Soft as a simulation tool in the development stage. Our years of experience enable us to quickly define the process parameters. The end result is an optimised component that meets all mechanical properties and can be cast reliably.

Our advice includes, among other things:

Simulation with MAGMA 5

Casting is a challenging and varied process in which many process steps and variables must be defined. From the initial design concept through to the manufacturing process, we can advise you on optimising and securing your product. In order to manufacture your casting process reliably, we use the simulation program Magma 5 to support our decades of experience in casting. This allows us to generate fast and precise proposals for the construction of complex castings.

MAGMA 5 simulates the casting process and thus shows possible optimization potential in advance