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Casting since 1873

Precision casting

In the precision casting process, we offer castings from 0.03kg up to 150kg. The maximum mould size is 650 x 650 x 650mm.

We cast unalloyed and alloyed steels as well as a selection of aluminium, bronze and brass alloys.

Precision casting

For each casting a wax part is first needed, this is then fitted to an economically viable and technically feasible “cluster mould”. The cluster of wax is then coated with ceramic material.

The cluster is immersed in liquid ceramic (also called “slip”) and then sanded with quartz sand. This process is repeated 6-12 times.

After drying, the wax is removed by steam and pressure (“melting-out”). Then the empty ceramic bowls (“masks”) are burned at approximately 1100 ° C. 

The liquid melt is then poured into the still glowing ceramic. This method ensures a good surface and particularly good flow-out properties. Finally, the ceramic shell is removed and the castings are separated from the running system.